Retrieval Demo Video

The ultimate aim of any picture recognition system is to be able to quickly retrieve images very quickly indeed.  We are talking minutes not hours or days.  We use Picture Recognition to find the type of pictures we wish to find on the computer.  We then tag those images because eventually we will wish to find those images quickly in the future.

We at GPRSG have come up with an innovative way of finding images that have been tagged.  Its designed so that you can literally forget about the name of the image that you have tagged.

We suggest that you tag your images in the following way, but any system will work,  We provide a main tag and two sub tags.  Therefore if the main object in the picture is a Car we would give it a main tag Car, the second tag could be the make of the car or make and model Car, Ford Escort 1300cc, and the last sub tag could be location where photo was taken say London.

Instead of thinking what did I call that picture etc. we allow the software to list all categories in alphabetical order so Car, Ford Escort 1300cc would be returned in a list.  The retrieval system give the user options for example you can just search for all cars and they will be returned or search for Ford Escorts or even 1300cc.  Because the software has already listed the categories the pictures returned will be guaranteed.  We are now talking minutes not hours.  Because the images are tagged via the file name they can easily also be returned not only using the GPRSG Software but for example you can use Microsoft's Operating system to search for those tagged images and even use their indexing system if you wish. 

Retrieval Demonstration Video

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