Tagging Demo Video

Picture recognition is a powerful tool, our software uses several ways to search out and find pictures using picture recognition.  Its the most powerful general picture recognition software in the world we believe.

But also we provide a very powerful tagging system that can tag any image found using the software. Tagging allows the end user an easy way to categorize and name any picture very quickly.

Once the pictures are tagged it is easy to quickly find those images now we can do this very quickly in minutes. All these videos refer to the pro version of the software and for good reason.  The pro version has a large amount of ways to tag images.  The organizer is in its own right is a very good file tagging system.

Once a file is tagged the software uses a very clever retrieval system.  But this video is all about tagging images please see the Retrieval Video to see how the retrieval system works.

We do not only provide a very powerful picture recognition system to search out and find images we also provide a easy to use tagging system. 

Photographers, Organizations and Home Users now have Powerful Picture Recognition and a great file naming system via tagging and easy retrieval via our outstanding retrieval system.

Tagging Video Demonstration

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