Web-Crawler Demo Video within the GPRSG Picture Recognition Software

The main way this software searches for pictures is to search your hard drive, external drives and any other types of drives or local network drives attached to the computer.

Sometimes however you may wish to search the actual Internet itself for pictures. In theory this sounds a good idea but it does have some limitations.  Most servers can now be set-up so that the actual reported link to a picture is server side changed.  This means that although the picture recognition software can extract and connect to the link of a particular picture that picture cannot actually be analyzed because the actual link is a false link and re-directed server side.

However because many people have found this features useful  One main reason is that you can type in a product and it can go off and start searching hour in and hour out for that product while to search yourself would just be too time consuming.  Specially if that product is difficult to find you can let the web-crawler do all the work.

To over come this difficulty with pictures not always being available you can now also select a "Word" or "Phrase" and even select how many pages deep the search will actually carry out before moving on to the next web-site. When a Word or Phrase or Picture is encountered the software will list that web-site and its links to that page within our new dedicated web crawler window just for this one function in version 7.  It is also possible to exclude web-sites that are common and that many other web-sites link to.

One very useful use not considered when originally designed is that you can put it into full page mode and sit back and watch it run through web-site after web-site  and just stop it when a web-site of interest comes up.  You can view the web without having to click yourself on any links.

Web Crawler Video Demo

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