Object Selection by the User Demo Video

The picture recognition software uses the main object in the sample to search for target objects in other images.  But sometimes it may not be the main object that is being searched for in the sample. The user may wish to search for other object in the sample and compare them with the same object in any target images.

This seems like an easy thing to achieve but actually it is very difficult.  It is often not appreciated when it is achieved and when it is achieved on a regular basis. We use a special technique to achieve a User Defined Search called User Defined Custom Colour Object to Search Analysis or DCCOSA for short.

Some objects are easier to find that other objects.  More difficult objects to find are things like black and white, although not impossible they are certainly much more difficult or objects that are all one colour.

For best results the object needs to have more than one colour and the colours should be next to each other.  It is not to say that this function cannot be used with just one prime colour if the object is only that one colour but if you have a choice then an object with two colours should be chosen when possible.

The success rate is very high normally with this "User Defined Custom Colour Object to Search Analysis" Method however it is not that fast. But now it can be used within a two phase methodology that makes it much faster but this is a compromise with certainty of finding that image against speed.  But if more certainty is required then Quick Colour Search should be ticked to off.

We have improved this function in version 7 although the same function in version 6 pro works very well.

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