Input Video

This is the video showing the input hub.  The input hub has two main functions the first is to select all folders to exclude when doing a search.  For example program folders can be excluded.

The second function is actually to Select a Sample or Samples.  Sample or samples selected are only limited by the speed of the Computer.  For example you could select say 100 sample images in a folder.  But normally a user would only wish to select about 2 or 3 samples due to the speed of the computer.

The input hub also contains a database of sample images that can be used to select a sample.  Also Paste is available so if a picture is copied from an internet page or picture editor it can be used without loading a sample file.

The input hub is only used if you wish to try and search for a certain image or object within an image and need a sample to search against.

It is also possible to use the auto tagging system or manual tagging system without any need for any samples.

Tip, if you do decide to select several samples use Narrow Mode.  This means it will only find images that are closer to each sample. 

View Input Sample Video

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