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Please note that the object count is not being held out as fully accurate.  There will be times when it will get it wrong even if it is set up correctly.   However it is a good backup check and gives a fair amount of accuracy.  The accuracy increases when there is a very good controlled environment.

Our general picture recognition software is designed to find pictures and objects that are similar to a sample object within a sample picture.  This is the main way in which the software runs.  In short the software is a very powerful system for finding pictures and then tagging those pictures so they can easily and importantly quickly be found in the future using our specially designed picture retrieval system so that any picture on a computer, network drive  or any other media that is connected to the computer showing a windows drive can be quickly found.

This is the main side of the software but sometimes under a controlled environment a business may wish to count the number of objects and run a check to make sure that it is the correct amount specified or to  ignore the amount specified.

The applications for detecting an object is huge but we have kept with our principal that any object shape as long as the colours in the object are unique from the background colour  the software will find any shape object hopefully.
1) The actually photo being taken for best results requires the same background to importantly, always to be the same colour for the object count to work well.  If you are just trying to count the amount of any object in a photo then if the background changes it may not provide best results.

2) The object colour and the background colour must be different for example black background white foreground objects.

3)  The objects must be a similar size within reason.

If you can control the pictures to this degree then our software can check the results and the level of accuracy should be quite high.  If you already have a video system that can produce stills by clicking a button again this can be used because the resolution can be very low.

4) All the pictures taken must be sent to a folder.  That will then be the folder that our software will analyze each pictures from.  A different batch of picture for example could be put in different folders.

5) For best results the pictures should make the objects as large as possible but the size should be then kept the same for each picture taken.

That really is about it if this can be controlled then the software can count to a good level of accuracy thousands of pictures and count and check each picture for the required amount of objects in that photo..

The software can also produce an analysis of the results so that the user can check and view how well the software is working on say the first 10 images of maybe 5000 images to check that the software is calibrated correctly for each object counted.

Additional things the user can do to improve the accuracy of the checks is manually set the height and width and how much gap is between objects.

This is basically a counting object function using our picture recognition technology in a slightly different way.  The more development we do the more smaller the objects that are being counted can be. This is an interesting new function added to our picture recognition system that allows controlled object within controlled pictures to be counted with a high amount of accuracy. 

There is also a read out provided showing the number of objects that should be listed or ignored.  The weighting of each object counted and the colour depth of each object.  This information is provided so the user can analyze results and improve the accuracy of the first several counts by changing parameter within the software if required.  This will help insure best accuracy for large batch counts of objects.

The better the controlled environment the better the results.  If  lighting is correctly set within the place the photo is actually being taken and the camera is connected directly to a computer at a set location away from the objects then results will always be better. The more control you have for example using a tripod or making sure that the video camera that can also take stills is at a fixed location.  Then results will always be improved. 

But if time is taken to set up a controlled environment then the results and accuracy levels should be very high indeed.  The better the picture for example the less spacing is required between objects or the smaller the objects can actually be.

The video below gives a good idea of how the object count system actually works.  To challenge our software we do not control our environment we just take photos using things like mobile phones.  This really does help develop how clever the software needs to be therefore when images are taken in a controlled environment results should be very high indeed.

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