Geo Tagging - Professional Version

Most new Camera and Mobile Phones are now coming with a new and exciting feature called Geo Tagging.  This new technology stores the latitude and longitude of the place and position the photo was taken then stores latitude and longitude within the image.

This geo information can be very useful.  Therefore we have introduced three methods of utilizing this information.  First we can ask the Picture Recognition to search and analyze images that have Geo Tagging.  This will speed up the search time because the software only needs to analyze images that we know are geo tagged. 

The software also can select a photo with geo tagging and only search for a geo tagged image in a certain location.  The distance away from the geo location can be selected.  For example if you took a photo of  London Bridge then you could look at all photo take say 10 miles radius of London Bridge.  You could even search for other pictures of other bridges within that 10 mile radius.  The aim is that the software will very quickly find images with geo information within that area.

Geo can also be used in a third way and that is just as a retrieval method without using any picture recognition.  It's a very good and useful tool if you know the location where the image was taken. 

When used in conjunction with picture recognition this will certainly improve search times and also give the "User"  more way to search and find pictures this can only be a good thing.

Geo however has some negatives.  Most old photos will not hold geo tagged information.   Secondly the standard does not seem to have been adopted across the industry.  The other problem is if file formats are converted geo information is often lost and always lost if the format converted does not support geo information. But for those who have purchased a camera or mobile phone with geo facilities our software can extract and use geo information usefully. 

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