Retrieval System - Also includes full Geo Tagging Retrieval

Once a file has been tagged and used it is normally forgotten about until needed some time down the road.  This can be months or even years.  Therefore we designed a forget and recall retrieval system.  We would not expect a person to recall what name they gave a tag say three months down the road.   We have done it differently from others we use the computer to quickly search all the images on the drive and enter each category into a list in alphabetic order.  Therefore if your looking for a Car the list would have something like "Car, Ford, Escort 1300cc."  You can even type in a search into the list for example Car to take you to where the cars are listed.   Then Click on the item in the list "Car, Ford, Escort 1300cc." and it will then display this in a pull down menu giving the option to search for just Cars or "Car, Ford, Escort."

A click of a button will quickly search and bring up the required search.  Because the software lists all the categories its guarantees that those images will always be found. 

The time scale for the retrieval search is minutes not hours.  This method maybe a minute or two longer than a standard or index file text search but unlike those searches will always return the required images even if moved to say an external drive. 

There are retrieval options that allow the software to narrow or widen the search and only select Car or "Car Ford Escort 1300cc."   Most importantly this is a true forget and recall system that prompts with a list of categories.

But if you wish it to act like a standard text based search you can directly type in the category name of the file your looking to find.

Because the tagging only changes the filename of the image it can be used on any file type, the image can also be found using a standard search within windows once tagged. 

To retrieve any tagged file within seconds or if a very large search minutes all you need to do is click on Start Search Tag Categories and all categories and sub categories are listed.  Because the categories are taken from the images themselves you always have 100% retrieval rates every time because each category is linked to the pictures within that category.  No need for a over complex database retrieval system all images can be retrieved using the built in retrieval system that is 100% accurate every time. We have built into the software geo tagging retrieval therefore if all images are taken with a geo camera that allows geo tagging then images can not only be listed but photos can be located using Bing Maps to show the exact location the photo was taken; pro version only.

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