Tagging via the Organizer

Picture recognition can take some time, it is much faster than a human attempting to do the same job but what we really are attempting to do via picture recognition is find a number of similar photos to the sample photos (can have several sample photos in a single search) and then once found we need to tag those photos so that we can easily retrieve them in the future.  Tagged photos are given the name of the main object in that photo but a single image can also be sub tagged.

For a good example of sub tagging is, if the main object is a car we can sub tag make and model , Car, Ford,  Escort 1300cc.

The home and professional versions both have an organizer. The home version comes with a basic organizer that is useful for home use. However the Pro version has several advanced methods built into the organizer.  It also can organize and jump from any image listed and load up all other images in the same folder, then return to the original list at will.  It allows the User to rotate images, delete images and add samples for future searches.

The Home and Pro version can either tag images and leave them in their current location or even group images, for example putting all cars in a car folder with the option of leaving or deleting the original photos.  Therefore photos can be easily grouped for presentations while leaving the original photos where they were.

Tagged images can easily be untagged or even retagged.   Any images that have also been auto tagged using the professional version can be untagged or given a different tag if required within the organizer.   The organizer deals with converting URLs when images are found via the Internet (but this should only be done if the laws in your location allow you to store copyright images for educational/private use.)

If you need a very good organizer with a large amount of additional features then the Pro version is required.

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