Web-Crawling and Picture Recognition

New and better than ever before.  The internet is a complex and ever changing system of millions of pages.  We have designed in the Professional Version a very powerful web-crawler.  This is no ordinary web-crawler it comes with a "WORD", "PHRASE" and "PICTURE RECOGNITION."

Default Setting within the Web-Crawler allows the user to extract "ALL FOUND IMAGES" on a web-site.  In its default mode it can list all the images found within a web-site to be viewed and by sending the image list to the organizer the images can be converted and saved.  Please check your local copyright law or only use the software to search your own web-sites if your a company.

Search a single internet Web-Site in Detail - just type in or past a web-address and set the software to search each and every page within that web-site will give a detailed word, phrase and picture recognition search.

Paste in a list of web-site "URLS" or paste in "ANY PAGE WITH WEB-SITE LINKS IN THEM" and the software will automatically extract the web-addresses and search those web-sites.

Because not all web-sites can be searched for just pictures some picture links are protected server side but we allow a search of pages by word and phrase search so if a key word is found the page is listed and can be viewed within the software.

The web-crawler feature is very powerful and we are not aware of any other software that can search the internet using a web-crawler and find words, phrases and "PICTURES" using "Picture Recognition".

If this feature is of interest then please purchase the Professional Version of the software.

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