Picture Recognition Engine

The Picture Recognition Engine is the main part of the software that carries out all of the tasks to find an object within a Picture.  We use our advance recognition engine.  The Home and Professional version recognition engines were near the same up and including version 5.  In version six the Professional Picture Recognition Engine is much more powerful.  Within the Home version you have no Auto Tagging, Fine Search or Auto Live and now many other function only in the professional version.  The good news is when you purchase the professional version you will get the home version free.

The home version engine works well when searching for the main object it does not come with the new neural network type functions that are only found in the professional version and with some new functions developed to work in fine mode.  Therefore the home version does not have the ability to distinguish very similar objects say in a stamp collection.  However this is not to say that it does not work well, what it does it does well.

The Professional version really starts to move away from the home version after version 6. The engine is much more sophisticated than the home engine.  It really can use multiple methods and ways to analyze results and has a huge amount of checking for very different scenarios.  It comes with a very powerful neural network type analysis system that is good enough to select only certainty for auto tagging.  Its new methods for fine mode  allows it to run multiple amount of samples to check against each target image.

The Professional engine now copes with several different types of input methods with our new dedicated input window where input can be selected from the database,  a complete folder, open dialog, cut and paste and even on the fly.  What do I mean by on the fly, say the software is already searching using the sample images and you see a picture you would like turned into a sample. Just by clicking the Add Live Sample button it will automatically start searching for the main object in that selected image.

The Pro engine deals better with Landscape, Wide, Normal, Narrow and Fine mode using some of these new advances.

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