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Professional Version is for
Education Establishments
Government Bodies

For Just £60.00 Per Year Subscription

Professional Version

We charge 60.00 per year, subscription fee, for using our Professional on-line legal resources.  Currently you can download our Professional Version of our software.  We are also working on an on-line Professional resource that will be similar to the free legal resource, but with many helpful features for example highlighting of important text and one click to full document.  This is already available within our downloadable professional version of our software that also has many more features including filtering by area of law etc.

Supporting Us

We ask for donations so that we can provide free UK legal research resources without the cost of some of the more expensive on-line legal resource services who charge around £100 per month.  We also ask you to support us if you can afford to by purchasing our professional legal research resource package for only £60.00 per year subscription.


Please note you can try out our free version first before deciding to purchase the professional version.  The professional version is a software download and a Pro on-line version has a lot more features than the free on-line version.

Features within the Professional Software and on-line Professional web vesion.

More Data Overall than on the free web version. (On-Line Pro Version)
Highlight feature that highlights important text. (On-Line Pro Version)
Full text of the document with a single button click (On-Line Pro Version)

Pin-point tracking using highlighting. (Downloadable Software Only)
Request an update of any information. (Downloadable Software Only)
Priority on new questions,  attempt to answer new question is 48 hours. (On-Line Pro Version)
Disclaimer (this disclaimer forms part of the terms and conditions of a 1 year contract)

Now Professional Software or Professional Web-site

We now provide both options.   Some people do not like downloading software from off the internet.  Now we provide an option when purchasing our Legal Resource Package for only £60.00 you can choose to download the software that currently as the most functionality for legal research or use our professional On-line Beta Services that works like our free version but with some important extra features.  One of these is highlighting and another important features is full text of the document at a click of a button.

Please not our legal research services are in beta form and therefore may have some limitations.

Artificial Intelligence

We use artificial intelligence to analyze the information.   This allows us to provide this service at little cost to the end user.   But to achieve this we have to use technologies that extract information from many different sources.  Sometimes that information may not extract correctly and some aspect of that information may be lost or missing.  Therefore if you are using legal research from our servers always go back to the original source of that information.  For example if it is a supreme court judgment please read the case from their web-site.

We may also have added or analyzed new information since an answers been put on the servers.  We on request can provide an update to that answer.  But the search is only as good as the information we have available.


We do not hold every piece of legal information for the UK this is in our view impossible.  However are working towards over 200 years of primary legislation.  We hold a large amount of case law just about all the Supreme Court cases and many more in many different areas.   But we certainly do not hold every UK case. We attempt to analyze important secondary legislation we certainly do not hold secondary legislation relating to temporary road closures etc. for instance.   Therefore please be aware that just because the information is not found within a search does not mean that, that legal information is not out there somewhere.

With our free and professional version we make no claims to the quality of the data we provide or how accurate the data is that we provide.  We use software to translate between formats for example we extract information from PDF files and sometime this extraction is not perfect.  It is therefore vital that any and all information is finally checked by yourselves against the original document.

Our Full Liability

With our professional version outside of the above disclaimer we will agree only to pay out a maximum of the total of the 12 month contract.  For example if the contract is for 12 months and £60.00 per year the total we will pay is up to £60.00 the same as a refund for a single year.  This is our full liability. Jurisdiction is limited to England and Wales. 

Getting it Right

Please let us know of how we can improve all of our beta features on this web-site.  We will do our very best to listen and improve any of the data or features.   Please inform us via E-mail if you think we can improve your experience

Ending your Subscription. 

You can end your subscription at any time after the end of one year.   This means that the maximum you will pay before being able to end your subscription is only £60.00 during the beta period.

What does Beta Mean

All our software and web-site are in beta mode.  This means we are continuing to improve the features we offer and from time to time some of our services may go down.  This can be up to a week but usually no more than 24 hours.  We have been developing our legal research resources now for well over four years.   Collecting and improving data.   We have been collecting legal research data and analyzing that data for over four years.  We have a huge amount of legal research data.  Our servers contain a large amount of data but we have much more than what is already on hour servers.  This is because we only upload answers to question that our artificial intelligent systems been asked.  If it has not been asked a question yet it will not be on our servers, but we usually already have the data.
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