What is GPRSG

GPRSG stands for "General Picture Recognition Software General."   How is it different from normal picture recognition, for example face recognition.  The answer is that face recognition software recognize a face using a sample of a face but if you asked that software to recognize an aeroplane then it would really get lost or if you asked it to recognize a car again unfortunately it would again be totally lost.

What the general picture recognition software attempts to do is given any sample or samples it will go off and find that sample object in other pictures.  The software has been developed over the last four years and importantly has been used by small, medium and very large size businesses and proven in real working environments.

We decided to develop two versions of the software the home and the professional version.  The home version is not as powerful as the professional version.  The latest version is now a cut down version of the professional software. The home version is at an entry level and is very inexpensive it allows people to try out picture recognition usually for the first time,  For people who start to see how useful or people who already know they need the professional version can upgrade to a much more powerful piece of software with many more features build into it

The Professional version is truly an advanced piece of software.  It comes with a very powerful picture recognition engine.  It also has a very powerful way of selecting objects to search for using a powerful color analysis methodology that includes size and range functions.  It comes with a powerful web-based crawler so that pictures can be searched directly from off the Internet, we have given it a good word and phrase search methods, as well as putting it in its own window, now it is also a powerful Internet searcher.
It is also ideal for finding pictures on hard drives, backup drive and even local networks. For more information on these functions and Auto Tagging please select from the side bar or view a video of the software by selecting a video.

General Picture Recognition Software