How To Section

This section talks about any new updates and how to use those new features in any of our software. You may notice that this information changes quite quickly if we have new updates coming out.

Our FREE to download Legal Research Software Viewer will have the following new features in version 2.  It will have a highlight colour search for any word within the documents that is being displayed.  The artificial intelligent systems already suggested points of interest within an article or documents by highlighting those areas.  This new feature allows the user to highlight any key words they wish to see easily.

The second new feature is a feature that allows the user to request updates on any area of law that they feel is not relevant to any listed question asked.  Over time the Artificial Intelligent Legal Research Software reads more material and therefore may provide better information or more relevant information than old answer to a question listed before.  We are currently working on version 2 to include these new features.

Note also that the Artificial Intelligent system from time to time updates information without any request.

Tip: when using the software always ask a single key word of interest to you.  This will provides listings of a number of legal areas that maybe of interest to you.  You should do this first before asking any questions because if you ask a single key word like injury the legal research viewer will return the correct area of law in the case of injury it would return Negligence or Negligent.  These are key words that Lawyers would use when doing the same search.

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