Car Safe Drive

Have a phone, get the driver assist app on Android Google Play Store Search  carsafedrive.

On phone click on Play Store  then type in carsafedrive without any spaces within the search and scroll down to app.

The App is currently in on its first release and I am working on improving its abilities.  I release updates every so often that improve its ability to see vehicles that seems easy but is a difficult recognition problem specially on a phone.  We continue to reduce false positives also.  The motorway mode is currently working quite well day and night.  Urban and traffic jam mode are being improved.  From time to time we update bugs so if you have an issue it is usually resolved in the next update.

The Car Safe Drive App uses the phones camera and provides warnings sounds on your phone.  Uses a form of artificial intelligence and also displays a blue square around the vehicle identified.  This gives a visual feedback on the vehicle identified in real time.

Tesla's got auto pilot so I wondered how difficult it would be to write a phone app that gave a form of driver assist.  It seems very easy to do but actually this is very difficult.

I have used the Car Safe Drive Assist app for a long time now with extensive testing using my phone.  It will be interesting to see how well it works with other phones, now phones are becoming more powerful and having much better cameras.

It's really great to have a Driver Assist or another electronic artificial intelligent camera eye.  I always use it on long motorway journeys and just feel a little more happier when I have it on.  I have found that it sometimes draws my attention before I think of the issue myself.

Please give it a 5 Star if you like it and use the share Icon in the tool bar and share the app with your friends.  I have only recently put this app on the Google Play Store so I will be interested in feedback.

Feedback update for developers, thank you for some comments on feedback I have now received.  The last updates addressed some of the issues and I am working on other issues that will be sorted out in the next update. 

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